Squirrel appreciation day

squirrel appreciation day

I was looking into the different celebration days that we have here in the UK and low and behold I came across ‘Squirrel appreciation day’. It seems that on the 21st January we are supposed to stop and have a small chat, exchange nuts and generally gaze in wonderment at our fine squirrel companions, and I say hurrah to that. As most of you may know I love the little creatures. Being an animator at heart I love watching the way they move and, love drawing them in different poses so when I noticed that there was a day devoted to them I thought what a marvelous excuse to draw some.


To mark this event I have created an S is for Squirrel print ( it has been quite overdue actually ) and I can’t think why I haven’t done more squirrel based prints before. I enjoyed doing it so much watch this space for more!

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