Summertime is here and there’s fun to be had

Doodlebump summer Bee sale

We love summertime! Kids playing happily outdoors; adults enjoying a bit of well-deserved relaxation in the sunshine… Trips to the park, summer festivals, bike rides and outdoor games. Afternoon picnics and evening barbecues, cool drinks and ice creams…


Celebrate those lazy, hazy summer days with a personalised bee print from Doodlebump – art for children that’s guaranteed to revive memories of the summer through the cold, damp autumn to come. We’re running a sale on bee prints from Saturday 10th to Saturday 31st August, so pop over to our shop and grab yourself a summery bargain!


Meanwhile, if you’re running low on inspiration for some summer fun for the kids, here are a few of our favourite ideas:

summer sale at Doodlebump - flying kite

  • Make and fly a kite. Use lightweight, brightly coloured materials and encourage your kids to be as creative as they can, then get along to the park or the beach and see their handiwork soar on the breeze!

toddler holding chalk

  • Decorate the garden: set them loose on your patio, garden paths or other paved areas with a pack of coloured chalks. Create hopscotch designs or basketball courts, or just make the place look pretty. And when they’re done, simply hose the chalk away – they’ll love running through the spray on hot days, too!

grow your own fruits

  • Grow your own: fruits, veggies or flowers. This is a long term project that can be started in spring or early summer – come late summer or autumn, you’ll all be eating fresh, homegrown produce (fussy eaters may enjoy the idea of cooking and eating homegrown veggies), and your children can make some beautiful fresh or dried flower displays for the house.


  • Pick your own: soft fruit. If you’ve left it too late in the season to do any growing yourself, why not take a trip to a nearby fruit farm – pick your own and eat it as you go. Yum!

boy in tent with a little fire

  • Build a den or treehouse and make a child-safe campfire to go with it. The den can be a simple creation (an old bedsheet and a clothes horse turned sideways makes a great impromptu tent) or a more complex project; their campfire, meanwhile, can be a rainy day activity in itself – paint some empty kitchen or toilet roll tubes brown, arrange them in a haphazard pile and glue them together, then add red, yellow and orange tissue paper ‘flames’.


Enjoy your summer!

By Vicky Scowcroft

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