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Nursery art christmas traditions. Doodlebump logo Peanut dragon is looking at a mince pie whilst Rudolf is looking at his carrot sorrowfully


Here at Doodlebump we love Christmas: the festive songs, the tasty cakes and especially all the time we get to spend with our families. Christmas is also a good time to look back at the year, and we’ve had quite a few milestones this year: as well as launching our new website, we’ve also moved house! Along the way we’ve had lots of help and support from friends and family, and we’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you and wish you all a merry Christmas!

It is also our sons 2nd Christmas and one that will be more eventful than the last because he is now walking… sorry running around and has already met Santa twice. ( Both eventful occasions in which he looked upon Santa with great suspicion, until he was given a present and all of that suspicion seemed to magically melt away! ) This got us to thinking about Christmas traditions. In my family we always wrote a note to Santa then left him a mince pie and carrot for Rudolf. In the morning this would have been replaced by a new note, written by Santa himself, thanking us for the goodies and hoping we had a good Christmas. We also had to queue in order of age in front of the living room door before entering the lounge to open our presents. ( I know now that this was a cunning ruse to give my parents more time to get up and have a coffee before the madness and paper tearing began!)

It got us thinking as to what Christmas traditions we should introduce for our son. I hope whatever we come up with it will be fun and something he will remember fondly.

What Christmas traditions did you have, and will you be passing them on to your kids?

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