Birth prints, wall art and more: design ideas for your new nursery

From Nursery art to wall stickers our guest blogger Vicky Scowcroft comes up with some great design ideas to make your nursery look extra special whatever your budget:


personalised elephant new baby print pink in smooth white frame

Even when fully furnished, a nursery can look a little bare. But some nursery art and a few decorative accessories can turn a plain box room into baby heaven in no time at all…

Framed prints

Framed art is a great way to add some personality to your child’s room. Size depends on the size of your room and the scope of your budget – if you want to keep costs low and you have large walls, you could always consider hanging groups of two or three small framed prints with space between, rather than one larger, more expensive print.

Personalised prints are a favourite with many parents, and our Doodlebump birth prints in particular are a fantastic way to commemorate the occasion of your baby’s birth. Choose a colour and a design, send us your baby’s name, the time and date of their birth, their birth weight and the place they were born, and we’ll do the rest.

Birth prints make great gifts for family and friends too – add a favourite quotation, line from a song, or your own short message to make this thoughtful gift extra special!

Wall stickers

Easy on, easy off and there are loads out there so you’re bound to find something to suit your budget.

If you’ve got a large area to cover and a small budget with which to buy materials, choose a design that can be spaced out and still look good. Spirals of butterflies can flood across a large wall surprisingly cheaply and come in a great range of colours, while clouds and rainbows, strands of blossom and trails of stars all look good with plenty of white space around them.

If you’ve got a bigger budget to play with, eye-catching giant trees, lifesize animals, super-sized teddy bears, bobbing pirate ships or trains and tracks could be added to your walls now and stand the test of time to take a starring role in some imaginative play as your baby becomes a toddler.

We’re just looking into creating our own line of Doodlebump wall stickers to coordinate with our framed artwork and birth prints, too, so watch this space for more info!


Make your own or buy it from almost anywhere – bunting is the shabby chic design centrepiece du jour.

Great for rooms with high ceilings or to add interest to a bare wall if you prefer not to opt for any permanent changes. Combining bunting with one of our tasteful birth prints or some other nursery art could be the perfect way to add to your existing room decor, leaving bigger, more permanent style changes for toddlerhood and beyond.

Colours can be chosen to suit any room scheme, and personalised bunting can be any length and any size you like!


A soft, cosy rug is a wonderful addition to any bedroom. Cute characters and tactile designs are great for your baby’s tummy time, while letters and numbers can help a toddler learn and roads, arrows and pathways can fire a pre-schooler’s imagination.






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