Fathers Day ideas for mums and kids

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Yes, it’s that time of year again: time for every daddy’s favourite American import (if you don’t include the never aging Simpsons, that is!) – it’s almost Father’s Day! Father’s Day ideas, however, have been in short supply around here… Christina has been hard at work producing some fabulous Doodlebump Father’s Day cards and Father’s Day IOU coupons, but we haven’t given our own partners’ presents from the kids much thought…

This is worrying. I got a lovely mug with ‘Mummy’ on it for Mother’s Day (heavy hints do work, folks!), as well as a gorgeous card and some lovely flowers. So how do I top that?* **

Well, make it yourself is always a favourite, as we love the time-filling aspect of crafting as well as the learning and mess-making opportunities it affords us – which means that make it yourself Father’s Day gifts are top of our list… Hitting Google for some Father’s Day ideas seems to have done the trick, however, and here are my top five gift and craft ideas for Father’s Day 2014:

  • It’s barbecue season and what dad doesn’t love making fire? How about some homemade BBQ sauce with a beautifully designed (or messily crayoned – your call) gift tag. There’s a great recipe here, and if you spoon the whole lot into a fancy Kilner jar it will look great AND taste delicious!

  • Kids love to play cars on daddy’s back? Here is the Father’s Day t-shirt and rainy afternoon craft activity for you: road map t-shirt.

  • While it’s not ideal for young children due to the small, fiddly pieces, a great craft activity for slightly older kids is a ‘Best Dad’ key fob. The daddy in our life could certainly do with a helping hand getting all his keys under control…

  • Spend a little time before Father’s Day gathering scraps of fancy paper, material, buttons, etc, then set your kids the task of creating a collage of daddy’s face. What could be a better gift for any dad than an ever-so-flattering portrait of himself in full colour? And it will keep little ones happy and quiet while you book a meal out, prepare for a picnic, or plan a trip to the park on the day itself.

  • After all your crafting efforts, why not sit back and let us do some of the hard work for you? Following the outrageous success of our Mother’s Day IOU coupons, we’ve brought the idea back for Father’s Day. Give the exhausted daddy in your life some much needed me time with a set of those IOU coupons I mentioned earlier – beautifully printed and presented in wonderful Doodlebump style.

* It’s not a competition, obviously.

** It so is a competition.

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