Illustration Friday – Tribute

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Illustration Friday - tribute - pencil sketch - Doodlebump

This weeks word ‘ Tribute’ has proven to be a tricky one to illustrate. Time has not been on my side so I have opted for a traditional pencil sketch. I loved the time away from the computer so this may occur again! The image is a tribute itself to my fancy dress loving husband, who loves nothing better than to make elaborate and rather oversized costumes out of cardboard for fancy dress parties. A talent, I fear, that is going to be passed on to our son. The costumes slowly take over a room they are so large. Once he made a pirate ship out of cardboard which he stood in the middle of dressed as a pirate, he couldn’t turn around in the room so had to get food and drink brought to him all night….ahh now I think about it, that was a good plan!

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