Last minute Christmas shopping

nursey art picture - doodlebump logo standing on a chrtistmas tree

It’s that time of year again which we all knew was coming but weren’t really ready for and are now, lets face it, in a little bit of a panic. That’s right, Christmas is here and although we love this season it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect gift in a short space of time. Never fear as here at Doodlebump if you’re in the UK and place your order by Tuesday 18th December then your personalised nursery art print will be on its way to you in time for Christmas. In the mean time we would like to wish you all a lovely Christmas with a ho ho ho and a warming glass of sherry!


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Chrissy loves dancing, drawing and making cakes. She is an animator, graphic designer and mum to a 3 year old son who shares her love of making things. They can frequently be found creating some colourful and highly useful devices and toys out of cardboard!
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