Milestone moments: first day of school

Scary? Exciting? For most children, their first day of school is probably a little bit of both. And for parents, it’s a time of mixed emotions too – your baby’s growing up! It’s a huge thing for all involved – so we thought we’d design some new cards  to celebrate this milestone moment.

first day of school personalised card by Doodlebump

Our central image is that of a mother hugging her daughter at the school gates as they arrive at school for the first time. In the same way that we get our children ready for school physically (new uniform, shoes and school bag), we can help prepare them emotionally by really celebrating the event to come and focussing on all the positive changes it will bring, as well as reassuring them that some things (like the love and support they get from their family) will stay the same.

Top tips to help ease the transition…

Concerned that you’ll be missing out on your child’s day-to-day experiences once they start school? Why not bring in a new evening routine of talking about the day they’ve had just before bed? It’s a great way for them to remember the good, lay worries to rest, and learn to talk about emotions in a safe setting – and it means that you’ll hear about all the important stuff right from the horse’s mouth every evening.

Panicking about getting them to school on time every morning? Be strict with bedtimes – theirs and yours! And do as much as possible the night before: make up packed lunches and pop them in the fridge (drinks too), and lay out clothes and shoes ready to put on. If there are any tasks you can’t do the night before, make a note of them and stick it somewhere unmissable (like on the kettle, or over the keyhole on the front door!) so you don’t forget.

Worried they’ll have trouble making friends? Listen out for any new names cropping up in your child’s conversations and invite these children round for tea – it’ll give you chance to meet the parents, too, so that you’ll all start to feel more settled at the school.

Scared you’ll be at a loose end without them? I can’t imagine ever running out of things to do… but it’s a good idea to turn this new journey for them into a new journey for you, too. So try not to cram all those previously child-filled hours with chores and extra paid work – set aside a bit of time each week to try something new, do some volunteering, get fit, or turn an old hobby into a profitable sideline!

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